Green Ribbon Week Promotes a Safe Spring Vacation

Meghan Fleming

The bulletin board for Green Ribbon Week. Photo by Meghan Fleming

By Meghan Fleming
During the week of April  11-15, HHS clubs Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), Peer Leaders, and BeFree promoted Green Ribbon Week, a week intended to inform students of the dangers of substance use and to promote a substance free lifestyle. All students had the to opportunity to sign a pledge promising that their April Vacation would be substance free, and signs were posted all around the school giving statistics and warnings of the dangers of substance use.

SADD advisor Stacey Place said that Green Ribbon week could make a great impact over the April Vacation, and she hopes kids will think twice to make this spring vacation safe and substance free.  BeFree club member Olivia Dumas said, “Even if we don’t reach all of the students we want to, it is still an important week for BeFree, SADD, and Peer Leaders to educate everyone about the potential dangers of destructive decisions. Green ribbon week at HHS is important because there is a lot of group mentality and peer pressure at the high school level, especially in [a] small town [like] Hopkinton. Maybe if one student steps forward and signs the pledge, others will follow.”