STOP Club Hosts Safari Fun Day

Casey Rector

STOP is holding Safari Fun Day on December 18th
By Casey Rector
Students Taking on Poverty (STOP), a Hopkinton High School club, is holding a Safari Fun Day to support the education of secondary school-age children in Malawi, Africa on December 18, 2010, from 10:00am – 2:00pm in the Hopkinton High School Cafeteria.  All proceeds from this event will go to help secondary school-age children of Malawi get education.  During the Safari Fun Day, STOP will be hosting a safari scavenger hunt, games, arts and crafts, face painting, hair braiding, bake sale, raffles, and much more.
STOP is a club that is working toward stopping poverty in Africa.  This club is run by HHS students Heidi Schillinger and Elise LaCrone.  STOP is affiliated with the MicroLoan Foundation.  The purpose of STOP (formerly known as the MicroFinance club) is to raise money to give to the MicroLoan Foundation, who then uses the money to help women of Malawi, Africa to start businesses.
The MicroLoan Foundation, according to members, “Makes small loans to women in Malawi,” and gives them a long amount of time to pay it back.  Then, the loans get smaller and smaller until they no longer need a loan because their businesses are sufficient on their own.  STOP also helps to purchase products, “Like baskets or jewelry,” says Elise Lecrone, for fair prices.  The women of Malawi need help, says Heidi Schillinger, to “Raising money for their children to go to school.”
Both Heidi Schillinger and Elise LaCrone hope that many people will come to Safari Fun Day and that the donations from participants will make an impact in alleviating the poverty in Malawi.