Battle of the Bands, March 27th


By Mady McKenna
Tomorrow, March 27th2009, the band Panda in a Bamboo Forest will be making their second appearance at Battle of the Bands. They will be playing in the 2009 HHS Battle of the Bands with competitors: Shut up James, Lotus Grove, Takes Candy from a Baby and others. They previously played at the Winter Showcase held by the Be Free Club last month. This time band members Cam Linares, Adam Cohen, Craig Muscanell, and Doug Markson all look forward to their turn on stage. Adam Cohen, drummer of Panda in a Bamboo Forest, has been organizing the whole event and is anxious to see how everything turns out. To see for yourself, go to the Middle School auditorium at 6:00 pm tomorrow night, for a show that begins at 6:30 and ends at approximately 9:30. Come support the seven bands and find out who will win the battle.