Brian Gu: Athlete and Scholar


Chris Holly

Brian Gu delves into his studies at the school library.

Chris Holly, Staff Reporter

Senior Brian Gu has been a happy Hiller since birth. 

Gu always strives for academic excellence. Beyond that, he is an active participant of the school’s Trivia Club, band, soccer team, track team, and numerous other extracurriculars.

In the second half of his sophomore year, Gu created Trivia Club with his friend Ruben Noroian. They hoped for themselves and other members to enjoy recreational games and get competitive with other districts.

“I created the club in sophomore year just to find a little fun after school, but some people, like Brian, were really good at trivia, so we registered for Quiz Bowl,” Noroian said.

Gu has played on the Quiz Show team since then and has represented Hopkinton at every competition.

However, his rigorous course load means he has to hit the books more than play Trivia.

“I have made sure to take the hardest courses for myself every year. It has always been about challenging myself and trying to become a better student,” Gu said.

Since his freshman year, he has completed six AP courses. This year, he is taking another four.

“Brian challenges me to put a lot of work in,” said Neil Abraham, a friend. “I try not to be competitive about academics, but since we have similar achievements, we definitely keep pace with each other.”

Gu also can be found on the field. Since his freshman year, Gu has been an avid soccer player and now plays on the varsity team. He is also a mid-distance runner during the indoor and outdoor track seasons.

“Brian has kept me competitive on the track. We both want to win, so every practice, we are both trying our hardest, giving little time for rest. [beating him] is challenging, but it makes me a better athlete,” said track teammate Luke Boothroyd.

“I love staying active, so I try to make time for myself to do the things I love no matter how busy I can be,” Gu said.

Brian’s athletic achievements and dedication allowed him to become a captain for the track team this year—a significant accomplishment.

“I really just look at it as the culmination of my work that I’ve put into the team. I am ready now to give it back,” he said.

Gu is prepared to make some new memories and commitments this year. Unlike many other seniors, Brian is not stressing too much about college application deadlines.

“I have taken my time, but also been working proactively to make sure all the schools I am applying to get done in a timely manner, so I am not rushing at the last minute” he said. “Looking back, I regret very little. All my work has put me exactly where I want to be in the future, but sometimes I wish I had more opportunities to hang out with friends.”

Gu is most excited for senior-only activities, as well as the prospect of attending sports events to support fellow Hopkinton athletes.

“You will see me at most of the games this year—or at least as many as I can get to—especially since so many people came to my games this year,” he said.

“It’s been a long ride, but it has all paid off,” he smiled. “I am truly excited to start a new journey, but also will be sad after I leave. There’s a lot to be grateful for, and I can’t wait to see [what’s next].”