Meeting Sean Baker, 2025

“Meeting…” is an ongoing series featuring people from all parts of the high school community (inspired by the NYT Open series of the same name).


Brendan Beck, Staff reporter

What are your pronouns?
What is a job/title/role you identify as?
I just draw and play football
What does that mean to you?
What does it mean to be an artist? It means to entertain people or make people happy with a picture
What is something you’ve spent a lot of time on recently that really interests you?
Art. I went to a pre-college over the summer in July. It was enjoyable. It was down in the city of Portland, so you could see everything. The highs and lows of the city. The art was more focused on coming into your own skin, knowing how to draw in your own style, and developing your own ideas.
Tell us about a project/accomplishment/hobby/goal, in or out of school, you’ve worked on and you’re especially proud of.
I did a comic while doing the pre-college thing I’m pretty proud of. It was set for three pages, I did five. We were given a prompt, it was supernatural stuff so I chose a zombie apocalypse theme, so I just went with it and just some guy on a roof getting jumped by zombies. It’s pretty cool.
What was your favorite subject and why?
My favorite subject is art, or if we’re talking like actual subjects probably history. History is my favorite subject. My dad’s in the military so I’ve always had an interest in history and it’s just something I naturally enjoy.
What is something most people don’t know about you?
How many states I’ve probably moved to. I’ve lived in like seven different states, ten different houses. My dad’s in the military, so we’re always moving around, there’s nothing really more to it, that’s kind of just how it is.
What is your secret to happiness?
God if I knew, but just doing what makes you happy. So for me, it’s art, so it’s relaxing and calming while I do it. If you have a passion then you should use it.
What is your superpower?
I don’t know, I guess I’d say resilience.
Who or what inspires you?
Well, my parents really inspire me to do well in school, and I have artists that I’ve aspired to be like, so comic book writers. Then there is Stan Lee who is a comic book writer who I idolize.
Name one thing you’re excited about right now.
I’m excited about AP history, it might be a bit of a challenge and maybe I can rise to the occasion to do it. AP U.S. history, I had to override to get into it, so it’s going to be more challenging than most classes I have, outside of algebra, I just suck at algebra.
What is your best advice for your fellow students?
Just do what makes you happy. Just do what you find interests you and expand on it.