Jazzed up: Nipmuc joins Hopkinton in concert


Anish Doki, Staff Reporter

Jazz Night was a success. Two groups were hosted on April 27, the Jazz Ensemble and the Nipmuc Jazz Band. Many people attended the concert. It also was recorded to reach a visual audience.

Anton Zieger, an audience member, enjoyed the evening.

“I think it was fantastic,” he said. “There was a good arrangement of music; a variety of pieces. I also enjoyed the two bands working together for one final piece and each of their five pieces that were on their own.”

David Yurewicz, another audience member, also thought fondly of the concert.

“The Hopkinton and Nipmuc bands played very well, and they played very well together,” he said. “It was a nice evening of jazz music.”

Members of the Jazz Ensemble expressed similar sentiments.

“I loved the atmosphere,” remarked Jacob Chastain, the lead alto saxophone player.

“It was a fun atmosphere. Everyone was clapping after every solo and clapping after every performance. I also loved how we were able to bring the other school in.”

The audience and Jazz Ensemble players were familiar with the music that is usually performed at HHS. This time, they got to hear a new variety of tunes.

“It was really fun to play with Nipmuc and jump right into their different playing styles and enjoy their personalities as well,” said tenor saxophone player Natalie Bouffard.

According to Zieger, the Nipmuc Jazz Band was spectacular on stage.

“I think they did a good job,” he applauded. “Some of the individual instruments were really good, and I was impressed by some of the solos.”

“I think it was a unique experience where it provided a learning experience for us,” said Meher Kaur, an HHS Jazz Ensemble vocalist. “We could take all of their great qualities and keep it as something to look on for improvement.”

The Jazz Ensemble plans to improve for their upcoming performance.

“I think maybe tempo,” suggested Kaur. “Sometimes we get a little off-tempo, whether it be too fast or too slow. I think that we can improve on listening to each other.”

“We play together as a group, but we tend to be really focused. We get swept up in the moment a lot, so I think that affects our tone just in general,” Chastain commented. “We are pretty clean, but there are some sections where we can be more synergized as a group.”