Why is Everyone So “Wrapped” Up in Spotify Wrapped?


Kara Diune, Staff Reporter

On December 1, Spotify released its fifth annual Spotify Wrapped results. Millions of users eagerly logged on to the Spotify app to see a summary of the artists, songs, and genres they listened to most in 2021.

Ever since its debut in 2016, the hype for Spotify Wrapped has only grown each year, so much so that it’s been compared to an award show. Twitter user @provjer’s viral tweet jokes, “What are y’all wearing to Spotify Wrapped”? Another user stated, “2 months till Spotify Wrapped, AKA Twitter’s Met Gala”.

As the most popular music streaming service in 2021, it’s no surprise Spotify uses data collection to target audiences and personalize content. However, Spotify presents that data in a way that creates a unique experience for every listener. Daily Mixes offer auto-generated playlists of your favorite music. Discover Weekly regularly suggests up to 30 new songs based on your personal tastes. Spotify Wrapped utilizes data collection in a fun and engaging way that gets everyone involved.

This year’s theme had several distinct elements, including references to viral trends like NFTs and “No bones days”.

Rasmus Wangelin, Global Head of Brand Design, explains the design of the “dynamic thread” connecting everything together.
“We were super excited because it gives us an additional layer of storytelling in every piece of creative,” Wangelin said in a Spotify newsletter.

A clever marketing strategy and an entertaining way to learn more about yourself, Spotify Wrapped has successfully established its name in media culture. What was your most listened to song of 2021?