Fresh Start for Hiller Hockey


Varsity Hockey Practice December 8th
The Hiller Boy’s Varsity Ice Hockey team is preparing for a new season. Senior Billy Poillucci fights for the puck from Junior Andrew Preite while teammates Zack Jorstad and JT Riga assist.
Photo taken by Johanna Berton.

By: Johanna Berton

The Hiller boy’s varsity Ice Hockey team is off to a fresh start this year, hoping to leave the losing season from last winter behind them. The Hillers struggled last season and came out with a record of 0-19-1. The surprisingly young team has learned what they need to do to succeed and this year things will hopefully start to change.

Senior Captains Brian Lawler and Calvin Lee are preparing the team for the new season and are keeping in mind that it is a fresh start, and everything depends on determination and commitment to the team. This year there are thirteen returning players who know what they are doing in order to make this devoted team go far in the playoffs. The boys have been working for months preparing for this season. “Over half the team lifted and ran during off season,” says Senior J.P. Sriberg, “we lift and do sprints four to five times a week and some kids played two-hour scrimmages two to three times a week over the summer.” Dedication and determination seem to be leading factors for the Hillers and with these traits, they should be able to achieve their major goals this year. Since last year was not as incredible as had been hoped, the Hillers would set three specific goals for the season. The Hillers want to get through the season with at least half of their games won, they want to get a playoff spot, and most importantly they want to develop the younger players for upcoming seasons.

The approaching season looks to be more successful than previous seasons, but there is one thing that seems to be staying the same. The Hiller’s greatest competition is still Ashland because even though “they lost a lot of great players, they still have a very athletic senior class.” Also, Sriberg mentioned that Ashland went “undefeated last year in all in-league games,” but this should not stop the Hillers from putting in their all. Hopkinton Coach Hogan and the Hillers are prepared to show off their new skills on Friday, December 11th, at Medway High School at 6pm. The Hillers’ first home game is the following Wednesday, December 16th, at 5:30 at Navin Arena.