The 2019 HHS Club Fair



Every fall, clubs draw in new recruits by setting up tables in the athletic center. From the newspaper club to the debate team, students are able to learn more to determine if any catch their eye.

Tori Kray, co-president of Model UN, standing near her table at the club fair

The club fair provides students a way to discover what they enjoy doing and find students that share similar interests.

Victoria Kray, co-president of Model UN, explained what drew her to the club, “I love politics, I am very passionate about public speaking as well. I met a bunch of different people, and every conference, you make tons of friends that you keep for life sometimes.”

Italian foreign exchange student Giulia Marino described her first club fair experience as “different, surely. And I think [the club fair] is useful because you know what your options are, so you can see it all and then decide whether or not you are up for it.”

Junior Nitya Nambiar

Additionally, junior Nitya Nambiar described this year’s club fair as having “a lot more clubs and representation than previous years.”

If someone forgot to sign up for a club, they can search for “club advisors” on the school website. Contact them via email and students can easily sign up for the club from there.


Club Fair 2019-20

Active Minds Jane Gomes THURS/C201/2pm
Ambassadors Club Laura Theis/Jen Pond WED or THURS/LIBRARY/2pm
Art Club Kris Kellenberger WED/C204/2pm
BPA Doug Scott Scheduled meetings announced
beFREE Kiely Murray Alternating TUES/2pm & FRI/7:30am
Best Buddies Chip Collins/Mike Graeber MON/A212/2pm
Biotechnology Club Kirsten Fournier TUES/C205/2pm
Book Club Cory Mills Monthly TBD/2pm
Clay Club Christine Enos THURS/C202/2pm
Chess Club Ken Gates THURS/A205/2pm
Coding Club Doug Scott / Tim Joyce THURS/C206/2pm
Community Service Club Marjorie Billeter MON/A311/2pm
Cubing Club Shannon Allberry WED/A207/2pm
Creative Writing Club Samantha Breen THURS/A312/2pm
Cricket Club
Rajanagan Rajan/Community Member
1 weekend and 1 week day at 4pm Fruit Street
Cryptocurrency Club Kristen Fournier WED/C205/2pm
Debate/Speech Club Steve Spiegel WED/A207/2pm
Diversity Club Mike Finn MON/C205/2pm
Drone Club Ashoke Ghosh TUES/C203/2pm
Environmental Club Kiely Murray MON/2-2:30pm or Every Other Week/7-7:20am
Fashion Club Kris Kellenberger THURS/C204/2pm
Fishing Club Pat O’Brien WED April to June/Lakes in town
Fitness Club Beth Spinks FRI/AC/2pm
French Club Erica Wetterlow WED/A301/2pm
Games Club Doug Levitt THURS/A208/2pm
Gardening Club Charlotte Shire TBD
Girls Who Code Kirsten Fournier TUES/C207/2pm
GSA Valerie vonRosenving MON/C201/2pm
HHS Youth Accord Initiative (YAI) Mr. Bishop
Habitat for Humanity Samantha Breen TUES/A312/2pm
Happy Hillers Club Karen Renaud WED/A218/2pm
Hello Hillers Evan Bishop every other Tuesday at 2pm in A219
History Club Mike Wilander MON/A206/2pm
Investment Club Steve Spiegel THURS/A207/2pm
Inventor Club (MIT) Doug Scott TUES/C206/2pm
Journalism Club Fred Haas FRI/A310/2pm
Key Club TBA MON, twice a month, 2-2:30
Magic the Gathering Carolyn Balinskas WED/A300a/2pm every other week
Make-A Wish Marie Martin 3rd THU of month/A309/ 1:50pm
Marginal – HHS Literary Magazine Benjamin Lally WED/A303a/2pm
Marketing Club Steve Simoes THURS/A109/2pm every other
MatLab Club Kristen Fournier
Math Competition Jen Fairbanks, Kathy Campbell THURS/A215/2pm
Manderin Club Andy Frey WED/A209/2pm
Mind & Brain Club Michael Sullivan THURS/A204/2pm
Mock Trial Club Mike Finn THURS/C205/2pm
Model UN Mike Prescott TUES/A108/2pm
Music Composition Club Craig Hay FRI/C208/2pm
Newspaper Club Fred Haas THURS/311/2pm
Nurse of the Future Sara Patterson TBA
Peer Leaders Stacey Place THURS/AC/2pm
Photography Club Sterling Worrell WED/C203/2pm
Poetry Club Marie Martin WED/A309/2pm
Relay For Life Jen Fairbanks Every other Wednesday/AUD/6pm
Robotics Team Doug Scott TUES & THURS/AUD/6pm
SAAG (So. Asian Affinity Group) Mike Wilander Every other TUES/A206/2pm
Sailing Club Sterling Worrell TUES & FRI/STATE PARK/2pm
Science Olympiad Andrew Couto WED/A104/2pm
SOI Dog Club Jen Martell THURS/A209/2pm
Spanish Club Josie Ronnquist WED/A305/2pm
Spartan Club Beth Spinks THURS/near AC-trophy case/2pm
STEM Club Michelle Odierna THURS/A112/2pm every other
Ultimate Frisbee Mason Challinor almost every day in spring/2pm/available fields
Unified Basketball Team Caitlin Burke, Jay Golden TUES, THURS, FRI/FIELDS/2pm
VES (Vision & Senior Care) Steve Spiegel Once a month THU