Advice to Seniors

With two months until graduation, some of the senior class’ favorite faces have advice to offer about the next chapter of their lives

From the first day of freshman year through the final days of senior year, these teachers have worked hard to set students up the best they can for the future–whatever that may be. Here are some of their words of wisdom for seniors.

Photo: Mr. SawyerMr. Sawyer
“Try new things while you’re in college, it’s a great time to do that. When thinking about a career, follow their heart, follow their passion, not necessarily what other people want them to do or what society wants them to do.”

Photo: Mrs. MurphyMrs. Murphy
“Don’t feel like you have to figure everything out the first month or two or even year after high school graduation. You have plenty of time to find your passion and discover what is going to make you really happy.”

Photo: Mr. SanbornMr. Sanborn
“Do what you love doing. Be Positive. Follow what you love to do. Work hard for your dreams and your goals. Be nice to each other. Be nice to people around you.”

Photo: Mrs. GriffeyMrs. Griffey
“Don’t be afraid to change your mind, try something new, make mistakes, and fail. It is all part of the process. Life is too short to live with regret so embrace all experiences and learn from them.”

Photo: Mr. CollinsMr. Collins
“Confidence is silent. Insecurity is loud.”

Photo: Officer PowersOfficer Powers
“Well as a police officer, I would like to say when you are going off to college to be safe, always travel with somebody, never be alone. As a person, enjoy college, it will be a great time. Study hard, but have fun.”

Photo: Mrs. BelcherMrs. Belcher
“At the end of the day, it’s how you can live with yourself with the choices that you’ve made. Make choices that work for you and don’t forget, call your mom.”

Photo: Mr. PrescottMr. Prescott
“People are not the sum of the salaries or their college GPAs. No one will be concerned with those aspects of your life. What people care about, is how hard you work and how much you can give back to others. Always put in the extra effort to be kind to people. Good luck.”